Serial Hobbyist

I have a problem. I’m a blogging, scrapbooking, wood-burning calligraphist who dabbles in coloring, painting, paper crafts and furniture refurbishing.

I’m a serial hobbyist. I find something fun, I dive in. Then before you know it I’ve lost all interest and I’m on to the next task. Ask me how many projects I currently have in the works… No, on second thought, don’t ask.

I blame pinterest.

So to kickstart this little corner of the internet, I’ll tell you I’ve found a new hobby: clay.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I didn’t try it sooner. Clay is soft and fun, therapeutic and liberating all at the same time. It’s also forgiving. I can bend it, crush it, throw it on a wheel and then if I don’t like it, simply scrap it and start over with little to no waste. I know what you’re thinking… I just told you I am a serial hobbyist and thus it is likely that this hobby will too fade.

I’ll acknowledged that it’s possible, but I highly suspect that it will not. I’m a critical care nurse. Sometimes I come home ready to slip into a hot bath and other times I sit in my driveway and cry until I’m ready to go inside. It’s not a glorious profession and though I’ve tried to listen to the masses that say do not bring your work home with you, I genuinely don’t think it’s possible in the medical field. Not unless you don’t have a soul *cough* ED nurses *cough*. I’m kidding, you know I love my ED nurses. Clay has soothed my soul and taken the worst parts and calmed them. It’s certainly cheaper than therapy. Let’s see where this little hobby takes me.

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