SB Clay: Origins

Hey there and welcome to Serendipitous Bee. My personal space on the world wide web to explore two of my favorite things: photography and pottery.

Photography has always inspired me. For as long as I can remember, I’d cycle through magazines like the National Geographic and just take in every image. I always imagined myself as a photographer somewhere exotic, capturing the world through a lens. I never once actually took steps to achieve that dream until last year *gasp* 2018, when I finally purchased my first DSLR camera. While I no longer anticipate that I’ll become a world-renowned photographer, I can say that I’ll enjoy developing this new hobby.

If photography holds my adventurous heart, you could say that pottery quiets my soul and puts me at ease.

Pottery is inviting and calming. Clay, to me, is the best part of pottery. It puts you in touch with the earth in a different way. It is something I can throw on a wheel and touch for hours. It’s like you’re a kid again, playing in the mud on a rainy day. You can transform it into anything. Smash it and start again, with little to no waste. I don’t even need to create anything. In fact my kiln room still isn’t set up, but I’m in no rush as I simply enjoy the act of throwing clay on the wheel.

As I sit here, writing this post from my couch I’m excited at the prospects of cataloging my journey through my hobbies and exploring the fields more closely. That being said, don’t be surprised if I stray onto new topics & hobbies. After-all, this is a personal blog intended to help me explore new things. Now off the couch and into something new!

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